Green Tea Architects teamed up with Ben Fogle to create a unique timber-framed design for BowWow Haus. Architect and designer Charlene Campbell, pictured with Chihuahua Roo and architect Cristina Mazzucco, shares some of the practice’s thinking behind their doghouse which they hope will find its very own place in a loving home.

Tell us about your company – how would you sum up you and your work?

We are a compact little practice based in Brockley. We work  on a range of projects from private homes, schools, churches, restaurants and much more. We believe that every project, no matter how big or small, should be approached with the same perspective.

What first attracted you and your colleagues to get involved?

It would be a fun task for the office to take part in and for a good, charitable cause.

Did you have any particular motivation?

No, not initially. As a group we sat down and brainstormed and our motivation grew from there. We also had input from Ben Fogle.

What about your creative inspiration?

We wanted the kennel to be a comfortable space for a small dog, but we also wanted it to represent Green Tea Architects.

What about any personal dog or animal links?

As a practice we love dogs – we would love to have an office dog in the future.

Who is the dog in mind that you’ve designed/decorated/created this kennel for?

Our kennel was always designed for a small dog.

Where would be your dream location if you could see your kennel displayed anywhere in the world?

In situ in a loving home.

Who do you imagine bidding for your work?

Another creative with a distinct style, so the kennel would sit well within their home or office.