Denizen Works, Cantifix and Arrant Land

Murray Kerr founded London based Denizen Works in 2011 as a collaborative studio to develop projects of different scales that are founded in an understanding of place.

The approach that ties our thoughts together is a desire to create work that taps into local history, landscape, culture and microclimate. Once these fields of investigation have been explored, along with in-depth client briefing, we begin to develop our ideas.

We believe projects of all scales, types and location can be successfully approached in this way delivering architecture of the highest quality, buildings that are personal and spaces that are both functional and inspiring.

We try and do some small projects like these to try out and test ideas and it is also a good way of trying out collaborations for the first time which is something we are hoping to use this project for.

Our motivation was to make a delightful addition to the collection of kennels. As with all projects our idea came about through a very open dialogue. We discussed and discarded a number of ideas, but even the act of talking brought up a number of thoughts that might see their way in to other projects.

I always had dogs as a child growing up, but sadly London hasn’t brought the riches first promised, so I don’t have a garden and therefore don’t have a dog. We always had Golden Retrievers.

The kennel is for any mid-sized dog that enjoys balls. Our kennel is going to be great.

Where would be your dream location if you could see your kennel displayed anywhere in the world?

In my garden in London

Who do you imagine bidding for your work?

Jay Rayner


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